Saturday, September 29

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the garden, 13:00


We had a late start to the day, and now I am in the garden moving furniture out of the autumn rain and into the shelter of the car shed. I am looking at a wooden sculpture that Auo made in school as a project and we have hung from the shed door. I genuinely like it, and it fits neatly with the style of Jyrki’s wooden cartoon Jesus.

Next we will be spending several hours tidying Auo’s room, to her disgust. This will be occasioned by the fact that we have a spare set of shelves in the shed. By the end even Auo will agree that there is more space in the room, and that she can find her books more easily.

Later still I will help Irma plant some tulip bulbs, and sweep up the leaves that are piling up in the garden. Naa will return from baking with Raija, and we will sample some of her chocolately wares.

Finally I will cycle to Prisma and back, before settling down for an evening of the kind of television that drifts by without making any impression.