Wednesday, October 6

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | | |

Huntutie, 8:57


Today’s walk takes me on a different route, or at least on a different route through some of the streets that collective form the map from which I choose my route. This starts when I wonder how the new car wash has progessed during my trip to Reykjavik a few steps from home and turn to walk down to Alepa.

I walk past Alepa and run into a [insert collective noun here] of trucks on the road and pavement. Bulldozers and diggers dash around them and in and out of the traffic. The car wash, although a blur of activity, has yet to open and I take the first opportunity to turn right: into Sauramatie, as it happens.

Twisting and turning I find myself walking down Huntutie, where I pause to take a photograph before turning right along what I have come to call The Long Path. The photo shows the black and white strip that draws motorists’ attention to the presence of a pedestrian crossing.

I will listen to the album that Del Shannon made during his brief psychedelic period for part of the walk, before concentrating on thinking about a chaotic swirl of ideas. These will start to focus on the endless issues that using Minecraft Education has created. If I could find another tool to use I would.

My problem? I simply can’t find one. I don’t think that Roblox won’t work for what we need and nor will OpenSim.

Suggestions on a postcard please.