Sunday, September 30

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the roof, 16:00


Yesterday Naa spent much of the day at Raija’s house baking. Raija is her teacher and she had organised teams of students to make chocolate balls and biscuits for today’s school fair.

We set off for this but a disagreement blew up as we drove through Kulosaari and Irma invited me to leave the car, which I did. The weather was warm and dry, so I walked most of the way home.

I have decided to clear all the moss off the roof, which I have been planning to do for a couple of weeks. The roof is now dry, and I am not especially likely to slide off it to an early-ish death. I will spend a couple of hours up here, before realising that my back is excruciatingly painful. Whether this is a direct result of balancing on the roof or not, I am not certain.

By the time I decide to stop I will have collected two large buckets of moss. Not quite all the moss, but definitely most of it. I will finish, climb down, get washed and go and lie down.

I will not get up again until morning.