Sunday, October 10

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | |

Perhonkatu, 16:15


I have found myself looking at these urban boxes for several years now. Some seem to have official status, and some seem like unofficial street art. I have never seen one signed before. I assume, perhaps wrongly, that Nina Tuovinen has done this with permission.

I look her up on the web later and discover that

Finnish contemporary artist Nina Tuovinen creates equine art with a new twist. Her ink paintings express the Scandinavian minimalism its best. Her aquarelles are full of colors and movement.

Nina’s more traditional works are oil paintings and charcoal drawings, which are her most wanted commission techniques. Nina has painted also public art, which can be found from her hometown, Helsinki, Finland.

Nina sees horses as beautiful and elegant creatures, friendly and kind, yet full of exploding power.

And there you have it.