Saturday, October 16

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | | |

Work room, 17:42


Today I walked, listened, read, and dealt with the outpourings of a tree-shaking wind. The garden filled with leaves which I transferred to bags. More accurately to one old Ikea bag which I took to the woods and emptied from time to time.

This year I can feel the absence of the huge oak tree which Christian and Nannu had cut down when they moved in. I no longer rake the garden with leaves up to my knees.

Darkness will strike soon and I stand in the workroom looking out of the window at the trees at the back, mostly leafless now. I look at the bronze cat on the cupboard from different angles to try to determine what attitude it projects.

After a few minutes I give in and think about something else. I realise that I now belong to The Old & Restless.