Wednesday, October 20

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | | |

Suvilahti, 16:17


I spent today working away at Pixelache. I had a meeting with Elli which required me to sit somewhere where I could use Minecraft Education. For whatever reason this seems impossible at home and so I left for Pixelache where, after one false start, we achieved connectivity. We worked through the plans for Season 3 and set out a list of things that needed completing.

We then completed some of them.

Just after 16:00 I leave Pixelache to avoid the rush hour home. I step out into thick mist. As I look up at the new tower blocks I notice that I cannot see them. I realise that some people have paid a fortune for penthouse views that will consist of thick cloud for some of the year.

I stand looking. From ground level the view seems oddly impressive with its overtones of strange doings and Victorian detectives. I watch for awhile and then he wet air begins to transform into drizzle and I head for the metro station.