Monday, October 1

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Hameentie, 16:15


Naa woke up in Kamppi and Auo and I didn’t. I had an unusual early-morning shower and Irma got up as we left. She is planning to work from home today.

We got the jouko, and I got to work to deal with a flood of email from foreign students, ex-students, and spammers. There were three emails from Michael at Left Coast Logic about the syncing bugs that iOS6 seems to have introduced into Smart Pad.

I spent the morning tidying things up and planning the final stages of this period’s courses in an effort to make sure that they all reach the finishing line smoothly. This included making a complex demo site which I can build upon tomorrow.

Today is a no-eating day, so I went into the team meeting hungry. Interestingly the process does not seem to get any easier. My body has not performed any kind of miraculous adjustment procedure, or if it has then it has failed to communicate this to my appetite. Katarina came and addressed the meeting about the Business School and the new model that this supposedly will introduce. This will replace the previous new model, I presume.

Now the meeting has finished and I am looking out of the front door at the autumn leaves and the drizzle. There is sufficient wind to cause the drizzle to blow directly into my face. In an hour I will head home, with the umbrella that I left here last week, before doing some ironing and reading some books about Wordpress for the classes this week.

Or will I? Soon after arriving home I will pick up the cat and we will discover that it has an enormous hole in its stomach. We will spend the evening, and the price of a small computer, at the vet in Kulosaari, and return with a sedated cat with one of those head trumpets and a lot of stitches.

The vet will deny that it has been bitten, suggesting instead that it trapped itself somewhere in the woods and ripped its stomach to pieces getting free. The odd thing is that it made no fuss at all, and gave no indication that it was in pain. We will not even be able to guess accurately when it tore itself. Could be this morning, could be Saturday. We will not be able to find any blood, and the hole itself is not bleeding.

We will go to bed wishing for slightly less non-stop adventures…