Community arts & cultural democracy

POSTED: October 26, 2021

I have found myself spending some time at this web page recently. It offers a map of the Community Arts Network website, as well as a number of different ways to search it.

This specific link, in the Information Organized by Social Context section leads to a list of articles and reviews curated by the Community Arts Network. More accurately it reveals “an archived web page, collected at the request of Indiana University using Archive-It. This page was captured on 19:50:58 Sep 06, 2010, and is part of the Open Folklore Legacy Web Archive collection”.

I found it while surfing the web (as we used to say) looking for the Community Arts Network because it had featured in the citations of a book I have to hand.

Among the many useful and interesting links you can find a version of the 1984 Declaration of Cultural Human Rights, issued by the Alliance for Cultural Democracy.

You could spend several days reading through as much of the material here as you can, and still leave a trove of useful material unread.

I think I might soon find myself doing just that.