Tuesday, October 26

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Living room, 10:42


When I lived in London I used to frequent the Compendium bookstore in Camden on an almost monthly basis, usually on a Saturday so I could visit Camden Market at the same time.

I used to buy esoteric books there and I also used to buy magazines such as bOING bOING, Mondo 2000, and the early editions of Wired. These three set a tone for optimistic digital wizardry, and of these I counted bOING bOING as my favourite.

In 1995, after issue 15, it ceased publication and turned into an early example of a hip website. The website still continues today, albeit after a few changes of personnel.

I even went so far as to send off for a limited edition t-shirt which, after some reminders, eventually arrived. It used fluorescent ink and glowed in the dark. I like it so much that I brought it to Finland with me.

The t-shirt long ago became too worn out to wear anymore and so I photograph it before finally waving it goodbye.