Tuesday, November 2

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | |

West Zone supermarket, 15:47


We stay at the Star Metro as we have done in the past, and we spend our first day acclimatising.

The Star Metro describes itself as an apartment hotel and the rooms all come equipped with a kitchen and fridge, both of which we intend to use. We therefore walk around buying food and other necessities.

We end up at the local West Zone supermarket where I notice a range of Indian instant soups. They cause me to refect on young urban Indian design. These do not look like ”soup packets” so much as ”reimagined” soup packets, and ones that have found themselves exuberantly reimagined.

I remember liking them when I first saw them in Trivandrum. I still like them. In fact I will decide that like them so much that I will buy them, even though I have no intention of eating instant soup in Dubai.