Friday, November 5

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | | |

Deira City Centre, 15:00


We have travelled by metro to the mall in Deira City Centre in search of a bookshop. We find Borders which could more realistically describe itself as a small toyshop with a few books. Mostly self-help books of the Think Like A Billionaire type.

We walk around and take refuge in the peace and quiet of Marks & Spenser. We buy some potato crisps which will prove genuine crisps made from sliced potatoes rather than the reconstituted potato powder things on sale elsewhere.

I pause to take a photograph of the architecture from one of the balconies that form hubs in the overall design.

Later we will visit Carrefour, and emerge dazed an hour later, carrying bags of groceries and desperately looking for the metro.