Thursday, November 11

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Metro, 15:00


The metro in Dubai runs completely automatically.

The trains have no drivers and the platforms have no staff. Each train has two carriages reserved solely for women and children. In the rush hours the trains become exceedingly crowded but the women and children’s carriages remain sane: almost full but not overcrowded.

The metro has two lines (red and green) which cross twice. The red line forks towards one end, and one of those branches leads to Expo 2020.

The platforms have glass screens with doors that slide open when a train arrives and its doors open. Passengers cannot fall onto the platform, accidentally or deliberately, nor can anyone else push them.

I see seen this kind of system previously in Hong Kong. I cannot remember if the metro there runs fully automatically but since the system depends on the inner and outer doors aligning exactly when the trains stop it would make sense if it does.