Friday, November 12

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | | |

2nd floor, Star Metro, 14:40


We have spent three hours sunning ourselves by the pool for the final time for a few weeks. We have watched people come and go and spent time in the pool and on the loungers.

In the pool I have played a cycling game that Irma claims people play as an actual sport in Finland. It involves standing upright in a lifebelt and then moving around the pool by using a cycling motion with your legs.

It certainly exercises my legs and I manage to develop a technique that moves me around at a reasonable speed in the direction of choice.

I notice two things about the planes passing overhead: they pass much closer than usual, and they pass in the other direction. They pass as they come into land rather than after taking off.

I relent and photograph one. A moment later the big red and yellow DHL plane will go over but I will miss it as it catches me checking this (somewhat less interesting) image.