Monday, November 15

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Varjakanvalkama, 8:24


I decide to walk down to the sea this morning, and leave the house just as dawn appears. I get down there to discover that some of the water already has a thin coating of ice. A thick coating of frost might serve as an equally exact description.

The birds appear to have all left and I look at the wintry reflections on the sea.

I will notice that one of the houses along the front has now disappeared, with only the telltale signs of a digger to suggest that it had ever existed. It had formed part of a pair, each on sale for 1.3 million at some point a few years ago. Perhaps the speculators have given up.

I will begin work on DGD today, talking with Sahan and planning the first set of videos. I will also talk with Mark and Luke.

I will end the afternoon in a cheerful mood.