Tuesday, October 2

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Vartiokyläntie, 22:05


This morning was an early start, which gave me enough time to prepare the demo site for Advanced Web Applications. I am teaching two courses looking at Worpdress, and both courses are about to look at the loop. I am finding it difficult keeping their different progress, and the different examples I am using, separate in my mind.

After a large lunch of pork, cheesy potatoes, broccoli and roast peppers, I led the Virtual Worlds session in which everyone announced their research topic and began work on it. Not “everyone” was there though. However, the session sparked some very interesting thoughts in my mind and I kept experimenting long after the class had finished.

By 20:00 I decided that I was much nearer to having an interesting world than I had realised. I began writing it up as a part of section three of the thesis. To my surprise I had something interesting (and possibly innovative) to say.

Now I am on my way home. I have got off the 97V and I am walking up the road to the house. The street lights, and the moon, are playing interesting tricks on my camera again.