Saturday, November 20

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Söderkullä, 15:55


My head cold has got so irritatingly bad that I developed a curiosity about where they come from. According to, “There are over 200 different viruses that can be responsible for the common cold, but in most cases a cold is the result of a group of viruses called rhinoviruses. When this virus gets into our bodies, it sets off an immune symptom reaction that causes cold symptoms”.

Apparently adults experience two to three colds annually on average, while children may get over eight per year. My rhinoviruses have got a good thing going, and seem not at all keen to stop. I think this started on Wednesday, or maybe even Tuesday night, and has got steadily worse since.

I sit in the car shivering on the way to Lidl. As we arrive I take a photograph of some trollies abandoned in front of a flapping canvas banner.