Thursday, November 25

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Easton, 17:25


The cold has gone on long enough. I have decided to get a PCR test (another one – they have become a regular part of my life!) to make certain that I have not caught Covid-19, which would cause certain havoc in terms of our plans to get back to Kerala.

I get myself to Itis for an 8:30 appointment, and leave for home at approximately 8:32. They have got the art of sticking a stick up my nose down to a finely callibrated art.

DGD started again at 9:30 Finnish time and I presided over two hours of intercontinental chaos and confusion, as we attempted to upgrade Minecraft on all the computers while dealing with random technical issues affecting both the computers and the network.

We made progress. We will make even more when I finally manage to get back to Kerala at the end of December.

After a day of working on Minecraft with Elli and Sahan, and then Elli, I stop and set off to Easton. We come to collect the stuff we left with the suutari earlier in the week.

On the way out I notice a particularly strange space as we approach the underground car park and photograph it. It reminds me of something from a cheap 80s science fiction movie. We only need glimpses of cheaply modified “futuristic” vehicles to complete the sense.

Personally, I blame the big arrow-like stripes.