Dream incubation

POSTED: November 30, 2021

I woke up recently and read the following

Advertisers have begun invading our sleep in an attempt to place their products in our dreams. This is neither metaphor nor fiction; it’s a fact. The night before Super Bowl LV, the beverage company Molson Coors ran what they called the ‘world’s largest dream study’. They explicitly aimed to place images of Coors beer, along with positive imagery (of refreshing alpine rivers, for instance), into dreamers’ minds. They hired a Harvard psychologist to design dream-incubation stimuli, incentivised participation with offers of free drinks, and, in a marketing coup, had the pop star Zayn Malik agree to sleep on Instagram Live while having an incubated Coors dream – though he did mention the whole project was ‘kinda messed up’.

You can read the whole article, which Adam Haar Horowitz wrote, at the Aeon.co website

Does dream engineering really work? After reading the article I remained sceptical, if only because I can remember the fears raised about subliminal advertising, which turned out to have almost no effect whatsoever.

Or did it? They would say that, wouldn’t they? Etc.