Monday, November 29

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Library, 12:56


We have ceased to live in normal times. I mean this in terms of the way time passes and we observe it passing. The closure of libraries and public services, their reopening and subsequent reclosure, and final reopening, make it difficult to remember exactly what took place when, and in what order.

I do know that the Helsinki library service introduced a new way of ordering and returning books sometime in the past few years. I do remember that I first experienced it at Arabianranta library which I used to use when I went to Arcada every day. I do know that I only saw the same system in action at Stoa library some time later.

I cannot recall if this means that I didn’t use Itis library for some time, or whether it means that the new system got introduced in phases and only reached Stoa much later.

I think all of this as I stand in the library looking through the numbered slots in the shelves where I expect to find the book and CD that I have ordered. I find them and walk to the machine where I can check them out.

Look ma, no human interaction involved!