Thursday, October 4

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Itäväylä, 16:15


Today both girls go to school at 10:00, when I start teaching. So I got up early, after a very restless night, ate breakfast and left. I was at Arcada before 8:00, and sat down to run a thorough scan of my online activities and expenditure. I unsubscribed from the Guardian and switched my Evernote account from pro to free. I double checked everything at GoDaddy to make sure renewals were set to manual, and I looked at my list of online services and renewals and checked each one. By 9:00 the only paying services I still planned to use next year were Dropbox, LastPass and (probably) DailyInk.

I spent an hour tweaking a WordPress demo installation and the rest of the morning and early afternoon working through the loop with the CMS class. Lunch was crispbread and cheese spread, with a tomato and two apples.

In the afternoon I registered for four courses at Aalto for my doctoral minor studies. They will all take place in Period 2 when I have less teaching at Arcada.

Now I am at the bus station at Itäkeskus, waiting for a bus and looking over the wall at Itäväylä, if that is what the road is called here. In fifteen minutes I will be home talking with Auo.

Later I will follow Irma to Kontula. She will be driving her scooter and I will be driving the car. The aim of the procession is to park the scooter in a cellar that looks like the batcave for the winter, and then return home in the car.

After that we will spend a long evening getting our home billing systems back into rude health. More specifically I will spend a long evening getting my billing systems back into health under Irma’s firm but fair tuition. I will go to bed feeling that we have accomplished something very positive, and I will sleep like a log for the first time in a week.