Wednesday, December 15

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Sammettikuja, 14:43


Today the sun actually came out, and I spent almost the whole day reading and writing. In fact I will get a whole lotta writing done. I will also add some reading to my day, and by the end I will have rolled things forward a little bit.

In the early afternoon I decide that the sun should have dried the pavements by now, and head out for a walk. It will take less than a minute to prove a misjudgement as I slide out of the drive into the road.

I will curtail the walk and decide to stick only to the driest looking pavements. I walk down to the gas station, turn right before I get back to it, and then double back through Sammettikuja. There, in a front garden, I spy Santa Claus waiting cheerfully by a refuse bin.

When I get back I will get a mail telling me that a library book I ordered for Irma’s mother has arrived, along with two that I ordered for myself. We will race to Stoa to get them and then spend some time printing out DGD instruction manuals and brochures, which will (of course) create an unexpected series of technical challenges for reasons that neither of us can explain.

We will eventually return home happy from a wild adventure.