Saturday, October 6

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the drive, 15:50


Today is packing day and my job is to find something to do that involves keeping out of the way of those doing the packing.

After breakfast I attached a brush-like insulator that we bought in Margate a year or two ago to the front door. Then I did some raking, before deciding to finish clearing the moss from the roof. This took several hours and there was still one area that needed doing by the time my bucket was full.

Now I am down on the ground again with a bucket of compressed moss: compressed by me by pushing down on it every ten minutes, so that I wouldn’t have to keep climbing up and down. It compresses very well and, in a few minutes, when I take it to the woods, it will tip out of the bucket and stand like a nicely set blancmange.

Soon Irma and I will drive to Kamppi for some family matters, before spending a (mostly) quiet evening making sure that nothing had been forgotten. By the time we went to bed it hadn’t.