Saturday, January 8

YEAR:  2022 | Tags:  | | |

Outside Raahath, 20:12


We have yet to settle into any recognisable routinr, and every day brings new surprises. The internet claims we have entered the weekend but I find it difficult to spot the difference.

Parcels continue to arrive on motorbikes at apparently random intervals from Amazon India, and since they do not arrive in the ordered we ordered them, we live in a world of constant wonder.

In the early evening we take a rickshaw to meet Lars and Leo at a restaurant of their choosing. They have chosen Raahath so I arrive happy and full of anticipation.

I have chicken tikka masala with butter naan and we finish with faloodas. In fact we finish with the Royal Surprise, except for Lars who gets pilloried for ordering a fruit salad.

Their rickshaw arrives first, and I photograph the scene as we wait for ours.