Tuesday, January 11

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Kalanthans, Kochi, 15:19


We stayed at Tower House, where we stayed last time.

We got the room known as Braganza (no numbers here, please) and it came with free noise in the form of industrial air conditioning. Since we had to hotel to ourselves we swapped rooms with no fuss and ended up in Mateu. By pacing I estimated the room as approximately 72 square metres, not counting the anteroom and the bathroom with bath suitable for multiple occupancy.

We had breakfast in bed and no internet: both consequnces of the pandemic.

Now we have come to Kalathan’s, King of shakes since 1979 to meet Chistel to see if we might work together. Whilw we wait for her to arrive I start with a chocolate and oreo shake.

Kalanthans does not really sit in a building; rather in a space between other things into which they have added fencing, walls, and so on. I take some photographs.

We will eat while meeting since we have to drive back afterwards. I will have the Jumbo Veg with loaded fries and get considerably more than I intended.