Thursday, January 20

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Kovalam Junction, 16:43


Today we started a brand new DGD group at SISP: five girls of fifteen or sixteen. Three came from SISP and the other two came from homes in the area.

The group seemed very nice; neither too boisterous nor too shy. They all seemed interested and everyone kept up. None of them had used a laptop before so we started by logging into the computer and making a folder to store the work. Then we opened Scratch Desktop and the fun began.

By the end of the session everyone had made a version of their name which had all the letters performing different dance moves: rotating, sliding to the right and back, getting bigger and smaller, and so on.

Now I walk home and as I turn into K.S. Road from Kovalam Junction I see the two geese who walk around there. I think they belong to the vegetable shop on the corner. They honk at me for a minute and then turn their attention to more immediately interesting matters.