Wednesday, January 26

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Turtle on the Beach, 18:55


We have come to the Turtle on the Beach, not just because we find continuous loud noise injurous, but also because we both came here to work as well as play. Irma has three full work days this week and I have a deadline for my book that the publishers will not move at all.

At the moment I have the illusion that I have a firm grip on my schedule and need to spend the rest of the week reading ahead so that I can write next week’s 7,000 words with confidence. Hence the pile of bedside books.

We have the luxury of a deserted swimming pool so we take some breaks. We also have the luxury of a very large balcony overlooking the view to the sea and the horizon, so even working seems less onerous than usual.

Yesterday we ate in the restaurant. Today we think that working across time zones will compel us to eat on the balcony. We go for a walk down to the pool and the dining area, just to look at the lights. The inevitable happens.

We decide to eat outside the restaurant just by the pool.