Wednesday, February 2

YEAR:  2022 | Tags:  | |

Temple Road, 15:34


Irma has online meetings all afternoon and so I decide to walk down to Temple Place to spend a couple of hours exploring. I walk to the temple and turn up Temple Road in the belief that I can buy samosas from a kiosk there. Two thirds of the places have shut, the kiosk I remember among them.

Along the way I pass the Cosmic cashpoint which I noticed at some point from a Rickshaw. I stop and photograph it.

I will walk down to the end of Lighthouse beach and stroll along the seafront, smiling at both the tourists I meet. I will stop for a mango lassi at Leo and accept a banana lassi when I learn they have no mangoes.

On the way home I will stop at the kiosk by Temple Place and buy more bananas than anyone could possibly need. Later, when the gas refuses to light, we will realise we do in fact need them.