Thursday, October 11

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the woods, 17:30


Naa had a late start this morning but wanted to do some final revision for her Swedish test so I woke her before I left.

I spent the morning wandering through Buddypress with the CMS class. It seemed too easy after weeks battling with php and the Loop. For most purposes Buddypress just works. We moved so fast that we covered tomorrow’s topics as well. By lunchtome we had dealt with users, groups, the activity stream, group and global forums, and tweaking WP themes to work with Buddypress.

After some ryebread and cheese I made two appointments for next week and then wrote the ‘class flipping’ paper for Camilla and Tore. Tommy approved it and now I wait with genuine interest to see what, if anything, actually happens,

I am home alone tonight and, since this is the first dry afternoon this week, I have wandered into the woods to look at the leaves. Soon I will do some cleaning, have a shower, and settle down for an hour or more of reading. I need to make final edits in a paper that comes out of the conference presentation I made in London last month.

I will begin by reading the draft.