Wednesday, February 15

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Arabia, 8:10

We had an early start today and both the girls and I left the house at 7:00. Now I am leaving the mall in Arabia with some bread and milk for lunch. It has been snowing heavily all night and there is more snow now than at any point in the winter. It is piled up and being blown everywhere, and the snow ploughs are out in force.

I will spend most of the day doing another version of the DoEL e-book and continuing to renovate this site. In the afternoon I will attend a meeting of the E-Learning Team, which will make me doubt the wisdom of attending meetings.

In the evening I will host the 2nd stop in the Pixelversity Virtual Worlds Tour, which will look at OpenSim. We will all get lost in Jokaydiagrid, and in the end we will make sensible plans for a programme leading from today to the May meeting and beyond.