Monday, February 28

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Sörnäinen, 15:54


I have spent the day in Arcada for the first time in what seems like months. I went into A3 and found only Fred and a lot of seating. I scanned my receipts from the VAKEN trip to Brussels and then tried to use Travel to upload them. Due to a long standing software bug you can only use Travel in Finnish (which I did) and I can only send my invoices to four people who I have no connection to at all. I sent them to Elena with an email explaining why.

We went for lunch at Momo and the mall had changed. Chico’s had disappeared; an optician take taken part of its space; a new Picnic had appeared; the flower shop had moved; Faunitar had moved into the ground floor from the basement.

Now I have got off the bus at Sörnäinen and I stop to photograph the sun bouncing off the windows of the buildings. The ground resembles an ice rink but I have my special slip-on studs on my boots.