Friday, March 4

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EMMA, 16:52


We both spend the day alternating between writing and sitting on Zoom calls. By 16:00 we want to leave the house, and so we head to the Espoo Museum of Modern Art, where they have some site specific installations available for wandering around.

The one that has all the advertisements on bus shelters takes up most of the space. According to the EMMA website,

A world-renowned French artist, Daniel Buren (b. 1938) has taken over EMMA’s exhibition space until 17 July 2022. For EMMA, Buren has created an enormous new work Les Paravents consisting of countless folding screens, inviting visitors to take a walk through the zigzagging maze. In this site-specific piece, the screens embody Buren’s signature themes of impermanence and mutability.

Daniel Buren is a giant in the field of contemporary art, with a career spanning over 60 years and more than 3000 site-specific exhibitions around the world. He is famous for his practice of using 8.7 cm-wide vertical stripes as a visual tool to reveal hidden aspects of familiar spaces.

Irma said, with a degree of sarcasm, “This is like walking around a metro station”. I agreed. It seemed like a first draft for a great installation. Later, when we get to the bookshop we will find a book illustrating Daniel Buren’s site specific work in metro stations. Ho hum.

On the other hand we both really liked Chiharu Shiota’s installation Tracing Boundaries. This consists of “tautly crisscrossing threads. Visitors are invited to enter the maze of yarn, which encloses a sequence of old doors that open alternative routes through the work.”

It proved very difficult to photograph satisfactorily.