Tuesday, March 8

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Breakfast table, 8:26


Yesterday I finished my current supply of Weetabix, so today I will start something new.

Two weeks ago we noticed that Lidl had developed a range of customisable muesli. Last Saturday we noticed that the display had number instructions about how to use it. Seeing this, we just had to buy some.

Since someone has designated today International Women’s Day, I leave a card and a gift card for Plantagen by Irma’s place on the breakfast table and notice the display that she has left at my place. I have a range of customisable muesli to mix and match. The two base packets we bought, cunningly labelled A and B (you can also buy C and D), stand there next to the five smaller bags of toppings. I mix A and B in a big cannister and then add the banana & yogurt topping.

If I want my activities gamified then I want them gamified as childishly as this.