Wednesday, March 23

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Itäväylä, 18:53


I have spent the afternoon in the centre at a doctoral seminar, where I presented the paper that I wrote for Camilla and Nathalie’s book. Somewhat to my surprise I counted as the entire agenda for the meeting, once everyone had done their introductions. The introductions happened because we had not met in person for a year: due to Covid-19 every meeting this academic year has taken place on Zoom.

The result: everybody attached to the course in any way sat in the room waiting for my presentation, and the conversation lasted an hour and a half. It proved very useful, not just in its own right, but because some of the issues raised also play directly into the final work on the book, which I need to submit in approximately one month’s time.

On the way there I forget to take a photograph because I have a paper to reread and think about. On the way home I forget to take a photograph because I have some notes to make so I don’t forget the useful things that people said.

As the bus gets ready to stop I point my phone out of the window and click.