Tuesday, March 29

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Kitchen, 8:03


I sit down to a breakfast of Lidl’s mix and match muesli, types A and C, with strawberry topping, all covered with hand-picked redcurrants from last summer and oat milk, as I have done most days for the last few weeks. Type A consists of cocoa flavoured granola and seems to me a necessary component of any mix. Type C could, in my view, find itself replaced with Type B very soon.

I will spend the morning reading through what I have written and making notes. I will go for a walk before having a lunch of cheese and biscuits. I will spend the afternoon writing down some of what I thought needed writing when I read through everything. I still think I will finish before the deadline in three and a half weeks.

I will go for another walk at 17:00 and this time I will notice how the temperature has dropped. Not even winter gloves will keep my hands warm.