Tuesday, April 12

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The Woods, 12:43


Winter may have started to lose the fight but the large piles of snow that fill gardens, pavements, and parks see no reason to start melting yet.

I delayed my walk until just before lunch. The drop in temperature provided an excuse and my desire to get what I had woken up thinking down on Scrivener gave me a reason.

My walks have followed a few well-trodden routes because I suspect going off-piste will leave me slipping and sliding on glassy ice. Today I decide to veer off into the woods where I quickly find myself slipping and sliding on glassy ice. Plus 2 for prescience. Minus 3 for stupidity.

As I eventually shoe-skate out onto solid ground I notice some green litter in the white and brown. Oooh, colour, I exclaim, and photograph it.