Saturday, April 16

YEAR:  2022 | Tags:  | | |

Sandholmsudden, 13:43


Today, we said, we will go to Sundö. We will greet Mika and Camilla, check the boat, and begin the process of readying the house and garden for summer. As we approached the ferry we realised that other things had started happening. The ferry from the island seemed full and Tirmobarren seemed open. Very popularly open, at that!

”A market”, we cried and pedal-to-the-metalled our way to Benita’s. The market had almost ended but we got some fish from Mari and Nina, and doubled Ritva’s takings by buying all the pirs we could see. We said hello to Jonas and Hannah and eventually to Benita herself.

I take a photograph from the café out to sea, looking at the peculiar mixture of sun, blue sky, snow, ice and sea.