Thursday, May 12

YEAR:  2022 | Tags:  | | |

Crab Club, 17:41


I spent the morning remaking some of the DGD action packs because I have improved some of the projects and so the instructions and documentation need updating. I spent the afternoon with Sahan and Simi at SISP, taking a group through the middle stages of the Memory Match game, which has a single, convoluted chunk of code that powers most of it.

Having finished all this and returned home to drink about a litre of water, Irma and I leave for Lighthouse Beach to change some money. Having done this we decide to stop in a café and pick the Crab Club at random. We have never gone there before. We sit on our own watching the sea, which has an interesting colourlessness to it. We watch three surfers trying to ride the unusually large waves.

As we go to leave sudden torrential rain keeps us pinned to our seats. It lasts for twenty minutes and then stops just as suddenly.