Thursday, May 19

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Kitchen, 16:42


Today I witnessed the hardest rain I have ever seen. It woke me up and then carried on all morning. When Rajeev came to collect me and take me to SISP he had covered all the open sides of his rickshaw with blue tarpaulin, and I still got wet as we drove up the hill.

The rain continued, as did the chaos. Only two girls arrived, and Simi arrived an hour late: bus problems and flooded roads. We found it difficult to talk at some points as the rain pounded on the tin roof and echoed around the DGD room.

When I get home the rain stops for a short while and The Cat appears, bone dry and wanting food. I assume that I should include kittens among the events I will have to deal with while here, since I confidently expect the obviously pregnant cat to give birth sometime on the next week or so.

If The Cat gives birth somewhere outdoors then I will have to do very little except continue to supply food. On the other hand, if it sneaks in and gives birth upstairs I may find I have a more active role to play.