Friday, May 20

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Leo Restaurant, 18:15


Today, at about 11:00 the sky suddenly cleared and bright blue appeared. The winds dropped and the temperature increased. The weather appeared to have broken.

I spent a hot afternoon at SISP, which felt very nice after a week of constant rain. Afterwards I met with Mohan and two local politicians to talk about the possibility of starting coding classes for four year olds in the local anganwadi: the government-run nursery. The meeting ended happily. I will write a short paper over the weekend, and we all hope that I will do at least one session before I return to Finland.

I check the weather forecast and heavy rain should begin again tomorrow morning and last all weekend, with a strong possibility of heavy rain and thunder on Monday and Tuesday. I decide to leave the house and walk to the beach while I have the chance.

I walk to Leo and have chilly fish and garlic naan. Nobody else has arrived and I take a photograph from my seat. Later two parties of local tourists will arrive and share each group will share a lassi between them. One group will order a second one.

I walk home just as it begins to get dark and arrive just as the last light fades.