Sunday, May 22

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Garden, 12:34


In the last couple of days I have twice caught The Other Cat helping itself to The Cat’s food. We used to think that the two cats formed a pair, and that The Other Cat might have fathered The Cat’s soon-coming litter. On the other hand, I have begun to suspect that The Other Cat may form part of a secret group of Other Cats, because I could swear that I have seen more than one Other Cat: but only one at a time.

Whatever the truth of the matter, The Other Cat has grown less worried about my sudden appearance around whichever corner it has chosen to lurk. It used to run away, leaping onto the neighbour’s wall and disappearing out of sight. Now it has only bothered to walk slowly about three metres before turning and sitting down to watch me with feigned disinterest.

I photograph it looking at me. Fifteen minutes after I take the photo rain will appear from nowhere. The day will continue with alternating rain and dry patches. The rain will fall very heavily and the dry patches will contain enough sun to evaporate the rain away.

I will sit on the upper balcony and read some real analogue books that I have found, starting with A Very Short Introduction to Keynes.