Monday, May 30

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Thozhichal, 16:47


I spent most of the day working on VAKEN stuff. The final meeting of this phase of the project takes place in Helsinki today and tomorrow and I attend virtually courtesy of Captain Zoom. Not only do I attend, I lead the first of two sessions about the Vaken Handbook, which we have developed alongside the practical projects.

I receive an alert that some parcels have arrived at Udaya’s house. It has rained much of the day, but I spot a gap in the rain and walk round. On the way I come across a rickshaw parked in a gap in the road. I still have no names for the roads. I do, however, know that this general area has the name Thozhichal. I also know, because I talked with Sahan about this, that the local people just use the district name and landmarks to speicy where they want to go: as in “take me to Thozhichal near the church on the hill”.

I make it back just as the rain starts again. As I enter the house I wonder if the monsoon has started yet, or if this still counts as “pre-monsoon rain”.