Wednesday, June 1

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Thozhichal, 17:31


What a wonderful action-packed day (and I don’t mean that sarcastically)!

I woke early feeling as though I should leap out of bed and fill the washing machine with laundry and so I did. I had breakfast on the balcony while The Cat wandered around and eventually settled in the doorway, watching me eat.

I carried on upgrading the DGD laptops and in the morning this seemed like a not altogether unpleasant task. I became puzzled about why they all act so differently. We bought them all together and yet they react differently in terms of speed and settings. One refused to work at all because, I suspect, somebody had closed it while it attempted to update itself. I intend to stop this by completely removing access to the internet. We will reinstate it when we decide we need it.

At midday I had a meeting with Farhan and Sahan and went over some administration and then began some planning. I followed this with another VAKEN distance seminar in which I ruled myself out of the next trip to Iceland because I will return to Kerala when Micke and Christa leave for Reykjavik.breeze

At 17:30 I bring the washing in (it has completely dried in the breeze) and walk round to Udaya to collect two small parcels. On the way I stop to talk with a cow who says very little but watches intently.

As I turn to leave it gives one mournful bellow.