Thursday, June 2

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Path to the beach, 18:42


I cool down a little when I get back from SISP, wash myself, get dressed, and leave for the beach.

On the way I notice that someone has positioned two posts across the path from Temple Place to the beach. People use this path regularly to carry wheelbarrows full of things from the beach to Temple Place where cars and trucks can wait, and back again. Tourists arrive and take luggage this way to the beach hotels. Last time I walked down here two I passed two men carrying wheelbarrows full of ice to cool the fish on display at the beach restaurants.

Presumably somebody with some power has decided that this should stop. Perhaps they fear this minor bustle might disturb foreign tourists. In practice it will just make some day labourers work harder. The restaurants will still need ice. Tourists will still need to get their bags to their hotel rooms.

As I think this I stop to look at the world’s most useless gate. It has stood there for as long as we have visited Kovalam. It bars access to a deserted and overgrown piece of land; except that it doesn’t because you could simply walk around it. This strikes me as a metaphor for something: useless effort perhaps.

I will get to Leo restaurant to find that Anders has arrived early and sits at a table with a soda water and laptop. We will sit chatting for almost three hours while eating chilly fish (me) and chicken tikka (him). We will walk back in the dark, parting ways about ten metres from Sarovaram. I will go straight ahead and he will turn right up the steep hill to the house he and Leo have.