Friday, June 3

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Temple Place, 17:12


After leaving SISP I decided to go to Divine Hypermarket, the not-very-large shop on the corner of Kovalam Junction. The Cat has almost run out of food, and I have almost run out of milk.

As we drove back I realised what Sahan had meant when he said that he always tells drivers to turn right just after the watertower. Sitting in the back of a rickshaw you don’t see very much. Or at least I don’t.

The day has turned out hot and dry. I decide that I also need more bananas and set off for the kiosk at the corner by Temple Place. As I approach I notice a flock of sheep in the field next to the motorcycle workshop (busy day and night) and thread my way through the bikes to have a look.

My, don’t they have big ears, I think. And also interestingly odd body colourings. This one watches me out of the corner of its eye until I turn to leave.