Saturday, June 4

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Chad and Sally’s house, 17:34


Chad and Sally invited me to visit them today after I finished at the Subash Centre. To establish this we had had a lot of fun trying to communicate with each other. My emails sneaked into Chad’s spam folder every time I tried to reply to his invitation. Eventually he found my Indian phone number and then sent a WhatsApp message to my Finnish phone. We then actually spoke to each other, and the arrangement settled down and solidified.

They live within walking distance, depending on what you consider walking distance. I walked there, up a road that never amounted to less than a forty five degree hill. I arrived with aching thighs.

They have an extraordinary house, and some adjoining land which they want to turn into a digital and physical playground for local children. Chad took me to see it, and while we wandered around I noticed the deepest well I have seen.

I lean over and take a photograph. The well has a grille over it which you can see in the reflection at the centre. You can also see me if you look carefully.

Ajit, a friend of theirs, drives me home and points out something that I had suspected. The road that runs alongside Sarovaram offers a short cut that takes half the distance while missing out most of the hill.

Next time I will know.