Monday, June 6

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Lighthouse Beach, 17:25


Udaya comes round because we need to make some arrangements. I will leave on Tuesday and, among other things, I need to get to the airport. I also need to make some arrangements with Praman and Usha, and I rely on Udaya to translate back and forth when Praman and I fail to understand each other.

After this I decide to go to the beach for one last look at the sea. This extends to food and drink as I realise on the walk down there that I may not have enough food to see me through till midnight Tuesday when Udaya comes to pick me up.

Before I sit in Leo for the final time I walk down onto the beach and take some photographs. The scene looks almost but not quite colourless.

The monsoon season officially started yesterday, and when I go to bed tonight I will go to sleep to find myself jolted awake by thunder, lightening, and a very noisy storm that will continue most of the night. I went to bed very early, planning to compensate for the lack of sleep I will have tomorrow night. In the end I simply guaranteed that I got a more or less full night’s sleep.

Ho hum.