Tuesday, June 7

YEAR:  2022 | Tags:  | | |

Sarovaram, 15:30


What an interestingly strange day. It started with me waking up to the continuing storm. In fact I woke to a power cut as the fan suddenly stopped. I looked at my clock and realised that I had sixteen hours to go before I left for the airport, and about two hours of packing to do.

I got up, had breakfast, cleared up, and Shaija arrived to clean the house. She has a very strict routine of her own devising and I have to move from room to room to fit in with it. As it had started to rain again I decided against going for a walk. I sat and read instead.

In the early afternoon I take the stepladder into the garden, stand on it, and photograph the bananas. Once again I will leave a house just as the bananas in the garden start to ripen and ready themselves for eating. The Cat arrives and wants to play in a way that it usually doesn’t. Or at least to rub itself against me. I will also miss the kittens, which should arrive any day now.

I sit on the floor and photograph The Cat as it strides around the reflection-strewn floor that Shaija cleaned this morning.

I decide to have a shower. The Cat decides to go onto the roof. I have not seen it do that before. I wander up after it. It walks around and lays there. By the time I finish my shower it will have returned to laying on the sofa downstairs.

Time will pass slowly until finally Udaya’s friend will turn up in Udaya’s car and off we will go for an airport adventure.