Thursday, June 9

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Arcada, 14:25


Today I got up early. I walked to the bus stop by Teboil and caught the bus to Itis, the metro to Sörnäinen, and the No 6 tram to Arcada. I could still remember how to do it, although I felt more like a tourist than someone on their way to work.

I spent the morning in a VAKEN meeting and had lunch with Christa, Elena and Micke at the sushi place in the mall whose name I cannot remember. On the way out I noticed that the bookshop had closed and the entire corridor where it sat had gone. The mall seems set to have yet more refurbishments in an effort to remain relevant.

I finish a meeting with Camilla and wander the corridors of Arcada. I notice that the third floor has a number of large photographs by Stefan Bremer, whose work I saw and admired a few weeks ago. I spend some time looking at them.

After ten minutes or so I decide to photograph this one.