Friday, October 19

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the garden, 16:30


Last night I was in bed by a quarter to ten. This morning I woke up very early with several ideas rattling round my head, so I sat up and started noting them down. I was out of the house, washed shaved and breakfasted, by 7:00.

At Arcada I caught up with my diary, answered some mail, and checked through the new version Of Pocket Informant which I downloaded yesterday. At 9:00 I went to a session on training trainers but had to leave before it actually started in order to prepare for my class. I did get some chocolate biscuits out of the deal.

The morning passed with more and more complex css problems. I always find this part of the course either makes me want to die or stimulates me enormously, depending on the particular group and the level of questions. This year I am being stimulated. I am enjoying the problems because they all make sense.

After this I talked with Lars for the first time in some weeks. Our paths seem not to cross very frequently nowadays. We talked about my meeting yesterday, which was fortunate because it turned out that Lars has know Gussi for years. He agreed to join us for the next meeting.

Then, on the verge of leaving to begin a weekend’s worth of work at home, I entered Windows Hell. Restarting the laptop after a compulsory update, the operating system decided to load the two external drives in a different order and assign them both different drive letters. Result? None of my portable apps worked properly. I only discovered this after twenty minutes when I realised the version I was using was on the other drive and hopelessly out of date. Eventually I reinstated the original drive letters and got back to where I wanted to be.

Now I am where I wanted to be. I am at home and the cat is outside for the first time in two weeks. Since it has been raining hard and the ground is awash with puddles, and since the trees are shedding leaves and rain, the cat is outside only in the sense that it is sitting next to the front door under the porch. It is not rolling in the grass or leaping through the woods.

It seems very happy to be sniffing the breeze though.