Thursday, June 16

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Stoa, 14:53


I went to the library to borrow a ukulele and they had several soprano ukuleles there. I had hoped for a baritone one but since I can’t claim to play the ukulele yet why would I know which I would prefer? Let’s go with what they have, I thought.

Unfortunately I discovered when I cycled there that they intended me to take the instrument without a case. Equally unfortunately all their “teach yourself ukulele” books had gone off with previous borrowers.

As I leave the library to collect my bike I notice the ever-evolving graffiti and cycle over to photograph some of it. As I do I realise that I could learn the ukulele from videos on YouTube easier than I could do it from a book.

I resolve to come back to get one tomorrow or early next week. I know how my summer will sound!